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1.) Shacked up all day with your wife/girlfriend/honey.
2.) On the phone for hours on end ignoring everything around you
3.) Choosing not to kick it with your boys to be with a female
TBoy: Say lil Mookie. Lets go roll this swisha...
Mookie: Naw ma'an. Ima just kick it with *female*. I'll holla at u later
TBoy: Man you cakin NIGGA!!!
by TyffNi Leneá December 09, 2006
most people think re-ing up can be used to define your own supply but its actually only for those dealers who are below the "head hancho". They have to go to their supplier to get more.
"Naw, I aint got that right now. Hit me up in 15 cuz ima re up."
by TyffNi Leneá December 10, 2006
another term used in the south for heroin. usually for hispanics that dont speak english, black dealers know what it means and cops didnt for a while.
"you need some of that jale, homeboy?"
by TyffNi Leneá December 10, 2006
this word is used in the south to describe heroin to hispanics that dont speak english. if they are looking for some or what to ask you they ask for caca. other terms are brown, brown boy, jale...
"you need some man"
"si, caca"
by TyffNi Leneá December 10, 2006

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