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Rock paper scissors in which both participants keep one uncovered arm out and then play rock paper scissors like normal. The winner of each round gets to slap the loser's arm once at the end of each round. Repeat ad infinitum.
Man I can't believe my left arm is still bleeding from all that cajun rock paper scissors yesterday.
by Twisted Magnum March 09, 2008
The purest most addictive artificial smell in the history of humankind.

As its aroma ventures into your unworthy nostrils, it plants the seeds of ecstasy and euphoria into the womb of your mind.

Its child is the harbinger of sex for the nose.
Q: Oh my fucking god what is that orgasmic smell?

A: That would be the scent of Lemon Pledge wafting towards your unworthy vicinity.
by Twisted Magnum August 28, 2009

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