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hemorrhoids; vascular structures in the anal canal which help with stool control. They become swollen or inflamed.
by Twist of Cain March 17, 2011
A girl that hasen't had sex with another girl, YET....these are normally hot college coeds, strippers and blondes that have had more than one drink
A perfect night includes finding two blonde lesbivirgins that want to take you back to their place!! Score
by Twist of Cain March 31, 2012
Willow- a bird dog that hunts butterflies, grasshoppers, or any thing else that is not a bird!
Willow- broken dog- is a bird dog that has no knowledge on hunting birds, but will point on grasshoppers, butterflies or anything else that moves, but not a bird!
by Twist of Cain September 24, 2011
Swakker- some one who steals other peoples swag, words, and their actions and uses them as if they made them up.
My roommate is the biggest "swakker" I know, he tries to copy everything I do, say, and wear. What a douch!!
by Twist of Cain October 23, 2011
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