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I know that loads of haters will go aginst me but I don't care. Twilight is a book / movie about a girl named Isabella Swan who moves to the small town of Forks, Washington and meets the strange Edward Cullen. She knows that he is different and wants to find out what he really is. After he saves her from being crusshed by a car with inhuman speed and strength, she knows that he is not human. She finds out from her (soon to be werewolf) friend Jacob Black, that the Cullen family, supposedly consisting of two adults and five adopted teenagers, are vampires. Edward admits to it and tells her to keep away from him, as her blood appeals to him more than anyone else's. The Cullens are 'vegetarian' vampires, meaning that they don't drink human blood as they want to be good vampires. Of course Bella can't keep away from Edward, and her life suddenly becomes endangered when a sadistic vampire called James decides to kill her. her life is saved, once again, by Edward. The other books in the series are New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The movie of the first book, the one I just described, Twilight, has been made and the others will be soon. In my opinion, the Twilight series are great and if you haven't read them, I would.
You should read the Twilight books and see the movie, they are all great
by Twilight Lover and Proud February 15, 2009

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