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The physical structure of a woman that has key features that go above and beyond of being that of a man. The woman posseses arms that are equal in size to Popeye the Sailor Man, breasts that can act as personal floatation devices for a downed 767 plane and an acne covered face that is so scared up that she makes Freddy Kruger look like Brad Pitt. These women are also noticable by their eating habits. They are know to consume whole brotwerst with a single swallow and are seen consuming whole special entree's before any one else in the area has a chance to try them. The Gorilla also likes to travel in packs and their is always one that dominates over them all. The alpha of the group is usually well hated by their groups, known as fat packs, but as long as food is provided for the group, the other gorillas are satisfied.
Frank:"Kyle, what is that giant object over their with half a brotwerst crammed in the back of her throat."

Kyle: "Well Frank that is what we call a Gorilla. I'd stay away from her because if you startle her while she's eating she may get angry and become over protective of her food."
by Turd Furggison March 02, 2009
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