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When a dude is with his friends and starts bragging he's going to do things he'll never do. Brovado.
Guy 1: hey dudes! I'm gonna start cagefighting.

Guy 2: what like you were gonna do downhill mountain biking, boxing, skateboarding, karting, go to the gym.

Guy 3: yea dude you never do anything you say you're gonna, you're so full brovado!
by Turbo Uberman July 20, 2014
where it is extremely cold, you're penis shrinks to just being a helmet in you're pubes, looks like a soldier poking his head out a bush. its Vietnam pants as opposed to Iraq pants as Vietnam is very bushy, Iraq is a desert!
it was so cold i had my Vietnam pants on today
by Turbo Uberman December 22, 2010
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