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An early 90's movie with Chris Rock which struck blows against the identity of gangsta rap and studio thugs (especially N.W.A.) While CB4 was a fictitious group made up solely for the movie, their music isn't bad, including Sweat From My Balls and Straight Outta Locash (a parody on N.W.A.'s Straight Outta Compton).
CB4 the muthafuckin house...
Yeah Gusto's in the muthafuckin house wit my nigga Dead Mike
by Tucker Huth January 31, 2005
When one guy slides his hand up another guy's buttcrack to embarrass him or just make him feel uncomfortable.
T: Dude, I smeagoled Neale and he totally loved it
J: Bra, that guy's such a fuckin' queer
T: Yeah I know, wanna be gay with him?
J: Only if you're under 14 inches
by Tucker Huth February 24, 2005

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