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Love & metal cannot be combined as the two words contradict each other. When a band like H.I.M. comes along, it is easy for them to get caught up in their fame that they begin to believe they are a new messiah in the music industry by coining the term "love metal". If a mainstream band such as H.I.M. wants recognition, create something that we haven't heard before, not music that sounds like all the other "Oh my good my girlfriend dumped me" crap.

Add one quarter metal and a hole barrels worth of shitty, weepy, faggot crap and get a reeking sess pool of a main stream genocide of a a genre namely metal.
Those cunts you hate but don't know anything about.

Boy 1: "Those metal heads are wreaking our slam dancing with their 'moshing'!"
Boy 2: "I say we go see a HIM concert instead. It's love metal so we don't have to worry about violence."
by Tseng & Obelisk January 10, 2006

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