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A man who has no respect for his pregnant (ex) partner, and who, after the child is born, decides to sit on his mountain of cash and assets while the mother and their child live in poverty. He is able to continue with his life as normal (ie dating, going out to the bars, finishing a college degree) while the mother had to give up everything including her college degree because she can't support the child all alone. The deadbeat cares not for anyone but himself, does not want to see his child, believes himself to always be right in every situation, and has an overwhelming sense of self-entitlement. Regardless of his ability to support his child, if he decides he doesn't WANT to, then he's not going to.
Even though the father of my child makes a great living as an engineer, he would rather his child live in poverty with the mother and does not desire to see his child at all. What a deadbeat dad.
by Try Not To Hate December 31, 2012

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