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1)A fake ass simp who, rises to fame in hip-hop in the absence of greatness. (The deaths of Tupac and Biggie). also, A punk who couldn't get nothin on while the great ones had the WHOLE DAMN GAME ON LOCK, but manages to steal other peoples styles and re-arrange his weak raps to rise to stardom above other weak ass rappers in a watered down time of hip hop. All of whom are long gone i.e. Master P and others
2)A sissy ho, who pretends to be harder than he is i.e. Ja-Fool, and raps like a hard ass in his lyrics behind glass in the studio but could'nt walk down any block in any hood and not get the pissed slapped out of him.
3)A self proclaimed mogul, who feeds off the ignorant and impresionable young people to get rich by selling wack ass crap that wouldn't sell in any deptartment store if it was'nt for his name. (Try selling that crap in places where people have "real" money and "taste").
4) A washed up, arrogant, yesterday rapper who still believes he is relavant by believing he is better than Biggie ever was, when in fact he is not better than rappers alive today like NAS, Eminem, and Lil Wayne.
5) A clown ass nursery rhyme rapper who wishes his raps had real content in them like NAS, Chuck D, KRS-1, Rakim and other true legends of hip hop
6)A Queen Victoria fancy ass punk who wishes his raps had real hard stuff like Scarface,Tupac, and Bun B.
6)A hatin ass snake who attempts to diss on rappers that are (A)relavent today, (B) Hot, (C)more creative than him, by saying proposterous things like "he isn't as good as me cuz he ain't put out a classic yet" when speaking of arguably two of the best in MC's in the game right now like Kanye West and Lil Wayne.
7) A rapper who sucks i.e. Ja Rule, Snow, Vanilla Ice
1)That paper bag got wet. Damn it's as soft as "Gay-z"
2)Man my girl gave me some last night! Her nana was almost as soft and wet as "Gay-z" Nah never mind. Nothing is that soft.
by Truth-1 The Great Prince January 30, 2009

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