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3 definitions by Truth Hurts Sometime

An obnoxious, petty, self-centered jewbitch who thinks the world revolves around her. She's often seen during December in malls near jewish-money towns like Cherry Hill, NJ. The hanukkunt is known for insulting anyone who refuses to kiss her feet or trim the corns off her toes, or generally bow down to her superiority complex.
Commonly starts sentences with the whiny voice uttering the phrase "Owww my Gawwwd, this is turrubul..."
Clerk: That'll be $48.12 for your purchase today.
Hanukkunt: Oww my Gawwwd, this is turrubul. Why do you people charge so much money. What's wrong with you people?? You should deliver this to my house for that price. You should be ashamed.

Clerk (under her breath): What a hanukkunt.
by Truth Hurts Sometime December 07, 2012
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An educated woman who lies as easily as she breathes, often for no reason other than to prove to herself she can. A demon cunt often has a high income, accompanied by a lack of self-respect.

Also referred to as a demon pig.
Did you hear about my mistress? She lied to me about her job, her education, where she lived and who she lived with.
What a demon cunt!
by Truth Hurts Sometime October 31, 2013
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Getting in front of a camera and selling out someone on your own side, for the sake of trying to make yourself look good. So named in honor of rabbi harvey perlman, chancellor at Univ. of Nebraska, who publicly sold out Bo Pelini on TV without ever talking to him.

A cheap sell out attempt to make yourself look good publicly
That no-good S.O.B. did a harvey perlman on me--turned on me to the media, and never even talked to me.
by Truth Hurts Sometime December 05, 2010
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