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1 definition by Truth Hurts Doesn't It

Assholes Controlling Legislation Union;
Atheists Communists Liberals Unite;
Anti-Christian Legislation Union;
A Crappy Little Union;
Anti-Civil Liberties Union; (Pick One)

Group of corrupt lawyers exploiting the sorry state of the American judicial system. Their main focus is to destroy the United States as we know it by undermining the moral principles that created the country and supporting the scum of society.

-The ACLU supports homosexuals, atheists, child molesters, communists, terrorists, anarchy, bestiality, religious expression, political correctness, stalkers, harmful sexual acts, polygomy, suicide, illegal aliens, pro-abortionists, prostitutes, and Muslims; anyone with an interest in shattering societies concept of morals and eventually destroying said society.

-The ACLU is against Republicans, Christians, Jews, school children, the rights of infants, gun control, individual rights (ACLU supposedly stands for American Civil Liberties Union, but we know better), sane people, marriage, hetrosexuals, morals, self control, democracy, the people, the Government, sanity.
If the ACLU supports something, you better challenge it.
by Truth Hurts Doesn't It June 28, 2006