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When a guy/girl chooses to break up with their girlfriend/boyfriend while in a crappy fast food restaurant.
This usually occurs after a bad fight when the dump occurs it is customary for the dumper to stand up and shout

You have been McDumped!!!!
Kelly: Did you hear that Sharon was McDumped by John?

Joe: ha serves her right she was a bitch
by TrueDeathMetal/DeathcoreFan August 03, 2009
when you go to a fast food restaurant and order your food and they immediately ask you if you want a bigger drink

if you say yes you just received a cupgrade
Phillip: Can I take your order?

Joe: Ya I'll have a number 3

Phillip: Do you want to upgrade to large for just 39 cents?

Joe: Ya sure I'll take a cupgrade
by TrueDeathmetal/DeathcoreFan August 03, 2009

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