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Real preps for one thing do NOT wear clothes from Hollister, Abercrombie, or American Eagle. If they did wear those brands then they would be made fun/looked down upon by their other prep friends. We preps wear nothing but Polo, Lacoste, J.Crew, Lilly, Juicy coture, designer jeans that sell for no less than $150 a pair, North Faces,cute loafers and slides, Rainbow sandals,and only shop at Neiman and Saks as we like to call them. Preps also do not wear loads of make-up, we like to keep our look simple and natural looking without overdoing it. We preps attend either East coast boarding schools or go to elite private schools near our homes and then ususally end up going to top of the line colleges, not because we are smart enough, but because our parents are either a member of the board of trustees or are willing to donate large sums to our desired school. Us preppy girls do not appear to be sluts becasue we dress so conservative and sweetly, but ask any private school boy and they will tell you that the parties (that kids throw on weekends when their parents go to some tropical island for their monthly trip)are filled with tons of alcahol and are spent at enormous lavish homes are crazy. And yes, although the good majority of us may have an eating disorder, who cares? at least we look good. All preps either play tennis, lacrosse, squash, field hockey, golf, ride, sail, or are on the crew team. We vacation on Cape Cod (the rich, nice parts), Nantucket, or Martha's Vineyard. We usually get cars when we turn sixteen, many driving BMW's, Mercedes, Audis, and Volvos. We go on many vacations and have been to more countries in Europe and Islands by the age of 18 than most people will ever go to in their whole life time. Not all preps are ditzy, we are often very focused on our school because good grades is also a part of the on going competition to out-do each other. And not all of us preppy girls are blonde, although a good majority either are or dye their hair. Boy preps are usually laid-back and have shaggy hair that they NEVER gel and do not wear jewlery other than sailor's not bracelets or livestrongs, but those are like sooo last summer. Being a prep is a lifestyle, just becasue you may wear polo or own a Burberry scarf but dont go to the country club or play lacrosse means that you would not meet the standards of most true preps across the country, or at least on the East Coast.
Prep Girl #1- "What are you doing wearing those jeans from American Eagle?!"
Prep Girl #2-"Well they are the only ones that fit me because I just lost a few pounds. But when I go to Nantucket on Friday I'm getting a new pair of True Religion's or Citizen's."
Prep Girl #1- "Ohh, well they do look good with that new Marc Jacobs jacket and your Gucci loafers. And those Dior glasses are extremly cute!"
Prep guy walking by to prep girl #1- "Hey awesome party in your pool house last night. I got so wasted... we should chill together at Choate next year."
by True Preps will agree July 28, 2005

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