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4 definitions by True Believer

Back Stabber
El Piglet Royal said one thing to my face, then shit all over me to the boss.
by True Believer June 29, 2003
20 4
My sex friend. We meet up at a motel and spend the night sucking and fucking each other.
Ooooo Chairman Phat I want your cock.
by true believer May 28, 2003
2 1
yet another way to describe str8 4 life who should look up his name in the urban dictionary
str8 4 life wishes he was fruitylicious
by true believer March 11, 2003
4 6
a word created by a bunch of insecure supposidly "straight" men who are probably faggots themselves. This draws the conclusion that each of these men live in faggotville
str8 4 life, and his cohorts are really just a bunch of faggots living in faggotville
by true believer March 11, 2003
64 67