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2 definitions by TruSkaterChick4life

ok a Skater Girl is a girl who has skated, really skated, and can ACTUALLY do tricks. I am sick of guys say that chicks cant skate. i am 15 and ive skated for about 7 years and when i wear Almost and Emerica. i get called a poser, that pisses me off. Some skater girls can ACTUALLY skateboard, so not all chicks that wear "skater" cloths are posers, so those dicks(guys) that say that need to come to florida and ill play them in a game of skate then u can judge. And those skater chicks that hang out with skater guys JUST cause they are hot, you girls can go jump of a 3 story building and land on your fake face. :)
Skater CHick: Hey lets go to 688.
Other skater girl: Yeah i heard thers a lot of hot guys there.
Skater Chick: Dude, can you even do an ollie?
Other Skater Girl: a what?
Skater Chick: Fuck off, ill go by myself
by TruSkaterChick4life May 28, 2006
A person who enjoys just skating for a living and doesnt try to be anything that their not. People who understand what skaters do and why they do it usually i get along with. I'd rather be kickfliping a 10 stair rather than smoking pot or any shit like that. People think that skaters dress a certain way, well they dont skaters dress how the want to, whether it be baggy jeans or tight jeans, even though its easier to do tricks in loose jeans. Skaters have different personalities some (like me) dont respect the signs that say no skateboarding, others respect them so they dont get in trouble with the popos. You cant really classify skateboarders its just a way of life, a skateboarders culture is different than ANYbody else. When people say that all skaters ever do is call people posers cause their just starting it not really true. not a lot of skaters do that cause at one point in time they were just starting too.
Cop: The sign says no skateboarding...can you skater punks not read?
Skater: yeah we can read we just dont care.
Cop: well skater punk how would you like to go to jail for being a smartass?

that was a real conversation that me and my brother had with a cop.
by TruSkaterChick4life May 28, 2006