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Just a random insult. Combining "Fart" and "Ass." Or accusing one of passing too much anal gas. Not an insult to be taken to heart, however. Fun times.
"Hey, John, how about you stop farting, you fartass."
by Troy McGrath July 31, 2003
Jizz in a girl's eye, then kick her in the knee, causing her to jump on one leg, like a pirate with a peg-leg.
My girlfriend looked funny as hell after the dancing pirate.
by Troy McGrath June 16, 2003
When your armpits sweat way too much, causing a puddle to form on your shirt. In white shirts, this may cause the shirt to turn yellow under the armpit.
When I lifted my arms up I got laughed at because of my switz.
by Troy McGrath June 17, 2003
n. See DIRTY SANCHEZ. After the dirty sanchez occurs, the suspect proceeds to trash the victim's home. totally.
I gave the mexican bitch a Tijuana crime scene. She was crying.
by Troy McGrath June 15, 2003
Eleventy is all numbers. No, it's not infinite, it's all. That means that it's bigger than infinity. It's the best number.
I love it when I count to 11ty, even though it's impossible!
by Troy McGrath June 16, 2003

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