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1 definition by Troy Franks

ALLEYFICATION: it'sdefines a different type of education that is only used at/or around the Back Alley. It means that whatever happens in the Alley, STAYS in the Alley.......but there MUST be a huge quantity of liquor drank or it's not quite 'ALLEYFICATION'.
Whatever Pauly does at the Alley, STAY's at the Alley.
ie:-Kissing ladies (hott or UGLY/fat
or skinny).
-Kissing boyz (always ugly, always
-Pissing your pants/skirt..
-Getting caught with a hooker/
she-man in the ladies washroom.
-Dancing of ANY kind.
and for those of you unfaithful
-'CHEATING'. You should know by now
that you'll get caught everytime.
This includes 'making out'! It's
cheating if you didn't know!?
by Troy Franks March 02, 2005