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An organization formed in early 1984. Its sole purpose is to protect online forums,blogs,videos, and more recently online gaming. The focus of the group are monstrous beings known as trolls and flamers. These creatures are known to cause disruptions in either large crowds or individuals. Their sole purpose is to get attention. Attention is the fuel that drives them. The Troll Police attempt to combat this sending out the message "Kill your local troll today by simply taking their attention away!" This rather simplistic saying has saved thousands and is responsible for the destruction of at least 2000 trolls and flamers. This amazing accomplishment is just simple proof that the Troll Police are making a difference in the online world today. So just remember this the next time you encounter a troll or flamer when your online.
"Omg DUDE i just said taylor swift sucks on her most viewed video"-random troll
by Troll Police Officer #1 May 07, 2010
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