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Extremely obese people who glide about in big-box stores on the electric scooters provided, especially whose bulk virtually obscures the scooter itself so that they appear to sail along on their own like a low-flying blimp.
I was at Walmart today and nearly got run down by a scooterblob in the snack aisle.
by Trog2FdUp2C August 20, 2010
in a man, promiscuity; the practice of engaging in casual sex.
He criticized his friend for where he would dip his wick, but being no stranger to wickdippery, he had little room to talk.
by Trog2FdUp2C August 29, 2010
"hot young chicky poo"
HandCuffMonkFish: oh baby. i posted a craigs list classified ad for a work at home HYCP or MILF for the new business? 5 minutes later i got an email from "NIKI!" with a hot sounding russian last name. this is gonna be FUN. i'm gonna have to behave.
by Trog2FdUp2C May 16, 2010
n. clitoris, clit.

Acronym for "Point Of Neural Concentration," based on reports that the clitoris contains as many nerve endings as does the much larger glans penis.

This term was spontaneously created by chatters in the member-created chat room Authors Free Speech on AOL on June 15, 2007 (also known as "the Saturday Night Massacre").
"Her legs were in the air and he was lapping her ponc furiously."
by Trog2FdUp2C June 28, 2007
Glitch in a chat or instant message program that makes chat posts fail to appear.

Origin: Bazooka Joe-era kids' joke or riddle, "What do spooks have for breakfast?" Answer: "Ghost Toasties and Vanishing Cream" (after Post Toasties corn flake cereal).
"I'm going to have to switch screen names; I have the ghost posties. My comments aren't appearing."
by Trog2FdUp2C May 25, 2009

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