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the combinization of give me a blow job.
Dan: hey kelly?
Kelly: what?
Dan: Gimme a beej.
Kelly: fuck you prick.
Dan well do you want to Joey Jones?
Kelly: HUH?
by TrixOG-fagget! November 04, 2009
the abreviation of done and for- dunnfur!
oh man, after i finished fuckin that broad, i was "Dunnfur!".
by TrixOG-fagget! November 04, 2009
Brucked up- bassically a substitute for fucked up, but when your not aloud to say it near adults or teachers without gettig in trouble.
yo sean whats up?

don't look at me like that? you wanna get brucked up??
by TrixOG-fagget! November 04, 2009

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