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The cannabis plant is known to have a palmately compund leaf with serrated leaflets.
The double serrated leaf pattern of the skunk plant has long
been documented to have originated in the Himalayan mountain system.
from Bangladesh to Bhutan from Nepal to Punjab and from himachal Pradesh to Kashmir and parts of n. Afghanistan. these all are land race indicia areas.
skunk strains, northern lights, cheese, satori, whiteberry
are a few strains assosiated with double serrated leafs.
by Trichome magnifier October 05, 2010
tripple serrated leafs have not been truely identified by botanist yet, but by a group of people from the skunk skool. Thought at first to be a mutant characteristic has changed in recent months. a trait that keeps appearing
is known to be a monogenic trait. plant biotechnology and information through the plant leaf morphology charts has led us to the skunk plants evolution. blue mistic seeds from nirvana seed company is the first documented case.
the tripple serrated leaf could be classified as a mutant in some cases. the skunk plant is known for its double serrated leafs.we would like to call it skunk evolution.
by trichome magnifier October 05, 2010
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