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A side that doesnt exist. I laugh at all them 'hard' mothaf*ckaz who would say some crip side sh*t cuz the only sides are FOLK Nation and PEOPLE Nation. People is to the left and reps 5 star. Folk is right and rep 6. 6 and 5 do not belong to Crips and Bloods.
Pirus=folk bloods (also called black cherries) 8ball=folk crips (right side crips, like Hoova52) folk= blacc & people= wite & gray=neutral (except TRG, a CAMBODIAN gang..)crowns=people & pitchforks=folk 3crips are people and 8Crips are folk.. 4 bloods are people (4= cracked pitchfork 3=cracked 8) 6 is the heart of all FOLK affiliation as well as PEOPLE and 5. Hows that for dem 'hard' fake a** people. I swear i was chillin wit ma boy one day an these dumba** kids rolled up to us 8 deep talkin bout ma shit wrong. f*ck all dem fake mothaf*kas tlkin left side 6 and right side 5. 8ball blacc ghost>>>>> 3K 4K LKK when your not neutral, its a whole new ballpark, so before a crip hits a b, or vice versa, mind yalls secondary colors... there is no crip side so let it sink in yall
#blood side #folk side #crip side #gang sides #left side crip #right side blood #left side blood #right side crip
by Trey F March 19, 2006
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