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Lying in bed with your partner, both face up. Unexpectedly reach under the covers and slip a pinky finger on either side of her meat flaps. Play the teaze and avoid direct clitoral contact for approx 1 minute before going deep sea diving (South). Come up for air soon after and reep the benefits of your exploration by using the reminants as lube to finish the job. Glide over the clit using a freshly naturally lubricated pinky slide until desired results are achieved....That being an orgasm....Hence, the Pinky Slide. (Tends to work better than the usual smother technique)
Oh by Jesus honey, what on god's green earth are you doing to me? Yes dear, you are awake and by the way....It's called the pinky slide!
by Trevor M July 28, 2006
When it feels like you have to take a mammoth dump, you sit on the can and push until you feel your eye balls popping out of their sockets. Just as the tip of the mountain reaches the nether region of your sphinctorial muscle, it shatters into small pieces, or pebbles...Hence the pebble dump. This particular dump tends to be very mind boggling, playing tricks on the human brain. Just when you get the feeling of having serious shit envy, your dreams are shattered and you are left with nothing but rocky road.
" Holy Crap! Those wings were pretty potent...It feels like I'm about to give birth to one of Bob ross's mountain scenes. Forget it!! It was just a pebble dump. I really need to start thinking about hydration. "
by Trevor M May 11, 2006
When a female bends forward at the waist with her legs held tightly together, revealing a petruding labial skin patch that closely resembles a tightly binded "sack of suckers"
Bald or Fuzzy (Sparsely Vegitated) Sack O Suckers
by Trevor M May 07, 2006

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