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1. Small amount of weed.

2. Friends that like to smoke weed with you.
1. My friends found some weedies in the bottom of his backpack so we smoked them.

2. My weedies and I are going back to my place to smoke.
by Tres Winstead April 21, 2010
1. A doo-doo

2. The act of pleasuring your self with popsicle sticks in anyway.
1. I made a huge Lincolns Log yesterday.

2. Last night I was doing some Lincolns Log work with myself.
by Tres Winstead April 16, 2010
1. A small company that is becoming a huge franchise.

2. Any sex position where the female is bent over, is having so much pleasure that she has muscle spasms that make her body straighten out from the knees up.
1. The donut store sure is popular soon it will become a building franchise.

2. Dude, last night my girlfriend was having building franchises.
by Tres Winstead April 15, 2010
An older person who think he/she is a wizard. They normally engage in larp's. (reference)
My dad is such a gezard, everywhere he goes he take a wand with him.
by Tres Winstead April 23, 2010

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