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The word Reem means a fit person you would like to tap .
In the words of the English band The Beat in the song Ranking Full Stop "Reem come forward "
Meaning fit birds up front !
With hope of dishing out some cock porridge after the gig .
Reem :fit , hot never seen with a Cockwomble , HOWEVER as meanings change like Gay used to mean happy Reem now means TWAT !
Twat , Minge , Fuckwit .Dumbfuck .Fuckwit . Reem

Farting knowing your going to shit ones pants and look a twat to others .
by Trentbridge Troll June 23, 2012
adventurous gentleman seeking self pleasure while showering applies a generous amount of toothpaste with hand before bashing the bishop .
( also known as mint cock )
That man's being a cock womble

hasn't left is nuts alone for 5 minutes .
probably had a toothpaste wank this morning .

toothpaste wank may lead to crotch smelling of mint
by Trentbridge Troll July 29, 2015
Something you wish to avoid on a busy street and have to make a B line to do so .
Random individual dressed in charity shop Brown asking everyone at the top of their lungs if you need a " Big Tissue ?".
( must walk round that street sneeze )
I don't need a Big Tissue .
by Trentbridge Troll July 23, 2015

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