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A band that sung the greatest song in the world to a deom and forgot, only to write what must've been the second greatest song, Tribute. Stared in their own movie, 'Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny'. They realised the government totally sucks you motherfucker, the government totally sucks. Finally, they met Beelezeboss in the final showdown! Pwnage.

What I'm trying to get at is, Tenacious D are the most genuine and the greatest rock band around. They have all the best elements of a good rock band:
-A good name
-Kick ass songs on every album
-Members, Jack Black, (Jables, JB) and Kyle Gass, (Kage and KG), who don't care what people think and stick it to the man!
-They made a movie which caused uber pwnage
Guy 1: Sassafrass owns!
Guy 2: I know. In fact, Tenacious D owns.
Guy 3: Who's Tenacious D
Guy 2: Wow, have you been living in the Sahara desert all your life. It's only the greatest band ever.
by Tremaine S April 27, 2007

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