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Manchester UK - a decaying grim mill town full of old mills which mainly employ children.
I am small child in the UK and work 20 hours per day at t'local mill in the grim decaying mill town of Manchester
by Trebor Girth February 03, 2008
A small decaying mill town called Manchester which is INFERIOR to the UK's second city of Birmingham.
I come from Manchester the third city of the UK which is inferior in every respect to Birmingham the UK's second city.
by Trebor Girth February 03, 2008
Birmingham - a wonderful metropolis at the heart of the UK with a population of more than one million people making it unrivalled by any other UK city.

A city which gave the world the Steam Engine and hence the Industrial Revolution, JRR Tolkein and Lord of the Rings, Cadburys Chocolate, the Mini, Magnetic Levitational Transport, Land Rover, Celluloid the world's first plastic...the list is endless!
I am a proud Brummie from Birminghan the Second City of the UK
by Trebor Girth February 03, 2008

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