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To burn someone on an epic level.
1. Buying a plane ticket for your girl-friend to come and visit with you over the summer last year, and she never shows up. $400
2. Buying a 2nd plane ticket for your girl-friend to come and visit you over summer this year, she finally shows up. $400
3. Paying for her meals, alcohol, theme park ticket, movie ticket and taking a day off work to spend with her over a 3-day weekend. $350
4. Finding out she wont have sex with you because she is gay. Free
5. Finding out she took the 2 dollars you left her for bus fair to take the bus to the grey hound and go back home to Oklahoma while you were at work. Priceless + 2 dollars.
Joe: Did you hear what paula did to travis?
Bob: Yeah man, she totally left him a note on his bed while he was at work and when he got home he finds that she was not there anymore, he read the note and it said, "going back to Oklahoma, sick burn"
by Travisty in Spokane June 06, 2007

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