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Sloth-like dumbshit that can be found 'grazing' at any Walmart at any time. Usually morbidly obese with a gaggle of hoosierlings. They walk as slow as they can right in front of you and won't let you pass especially when you know exactly what you want and exactly where it is.
God damn, I hate all these fucking Walmartians! Don't they have something better to do with themselves besides commenting on all this stupid cheap bullshit? Make a decision you sorry excuse for a consumer!
by Travis Hackney October 16, 2008
human offspring characterized by loud, obnoxious behavior. Spends most time being spoiled rotten, taught to be apathetic towards the world and very socially petty. Takes everything for granted and acts very entitled. When they don't get their whims fulfilled they throw tantrums the likes of which would make non-elitists want to pull their teeth out.
If you can't control your hoosierling then they will receive a free espresso and a puppy.
by Travis Hackney October 16, 2008
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