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Case Western Reserve University is hell on earth, quite simply. As 2004 Graduate said, "...if you don't want an academically challenging school, then you shouldn't go to Case." This is the worst excuse for the sheer boredom you will experience at Case; I have plenty of friends who go to "academically challenging schools" (Northwestern, NYU, etc.) who love their schools, as you can actually go out and have fun. It is not this way at Case.

First of all, you are lucky to find a party on the weekend, it just doesn't happen. Almost all of the frat parties are dry, themed parties that generally suck. If you do find a party that actually has alcohol, you aren't going to meet any new people because the "party scene" at Case is just like high school: its pretty much the same people at every party, hence, you don't meet anyone new. About the only way you will have anything that resembles a normal college social life is if you join a frat...but oh, wait, all the frats are pretty much giant sausage fests as there is a 5:1 guy to girl ration at ALL parties. This leads me to my next point...

Girls at Case are ugly. Not to say many of the guys are much better, as a majority sit in their rooms all day eating cheetos, playing RPGs, and dreaming of Dungeons and Dragons. To tell you the truth, there are some girls here that I would call attractive. It doesn't take long to meet all 10 of them. In all honesty though, it is very depressing to go home for weekends and see more attractive girls in 10 minutes at the mall than I've seen all year on my college campus, or to visit Ohio State where seemingly all the girls are better looking than Case girls.

Finally, to tell the truth to all you guys out there, unless you play football, you are not going to get laid at Case, it is as simple as that. This is obscene; a college where you can not get any action, let alone a relationship. The only sex you will get from a decent girl while at Case is if your girlfriend from home is visiting you for the weekend.

When I enrolled at Case, I didn't expect it to be as crazy socially as a school like Ohio State. However, I did expect it to be a place where you could have fun and be able to at least get some type of relationship with a girl, after all, isn't that a big part of what college is all about? Overall, my advice for any guy thinking about going to Case: If you don't care at all about girls or partying and your idea of having fun is doing math problems and playing video games, go to Case. If not stay the hell away. God knows after this year is over I am.
Case's unprecidented amount of porn on its network is the only thing that keeps the suicide rate down.
by Transferring Out ASAP February 20, 2005

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