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A glorified, self-inflicted power outage during which two individuals stare across an elaborately decorated table at one another and giggle in a repulsive manner while exchanging empty, flirtatious cliches. Expensive alchoholic beverages are usually consumed as well as a light, fancy meal that no one involved really notices. A two-candle illumination is the generally accepted method when having a candlelight dinner although Napalm Nancy (currently spending 12 years in prison for 8 counts of arson) shocked the romance experts by using 8 bunsen burners and 12 propane torches.
Usually reserved and overused for Valentine's Day, first dates and marriage proposals.
"Hey, um, so like you wanna come over to my house for a candlelight dinner? Maybe watch a movie afterwards or somethin', I dunno."

*moronic giggle* "Sure, Josh!"
by Tranquilizer Tom February 14, 2004

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