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3 definitions by Traggik Endings

1. To be extremely cool
2. To enjoy to an extreme degree
3. The act of slapping someone ass
1. Wow, that shot was ass slapping Mark!
2. We had an ass slapping time at Gabes' party last night, you should have been there.
3. Jessica loves when I give her a couple ass slappings.
by Traggik Endings February 19, 2004
1. Any competitor who lack skills but can at times pose a threat to even the best in a competition.
2. A pushover
3. A retard
1. Wow Jacob, I can't believe you lost to a poxer.
2. Look at that poxer, I don't even know why he plays chess.
3. Shit, did you see that poxer, he was drooling on himself.
by Traggik Endings February 19, 2004
A drinking contest where two men drink shots hand in hand until one man either (1) Passes out, (2) starts convulsing from alcohol poisoning, or (3) dies.
Your boy Pat thinks he's a real badass, but I can take him out in a brewhahah.

You can't outdrink me, you are lightweight. I challenge you to a brewhahah.
by Traggik Endings May 10, 2006