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Freak dancing is a style of urban dancing, usually performed to R&B, pop, rap, hip-hop, or Latin music. It involves two or more people making extremely close physical contact, and facial expressions and physical movements that are sexually provocative and/or that imitate sexual intercourse and foreplay. The "freak" designation is a synonym for "fuck", due to the dance's highly sexual nature.

While the dancers are usually clothed, freak dancing partners commonly slide or unbutton one another's clothing to reveal more skin. The hips are almost always tight against each other, and partners' hands massage and hold most parts of the other's body, including the neck, back, waist, butt, crotch, breasts, arms, and thighs. Some common freak dancing positions include: standing upright face-to-face, one partner bent over forward with his/her butt against the other's crotch, a female partner with her arms around the other's neck and her legs wrapped completely around the other's hips, either partner slowly dancing downward with their lips against the other's neck, chest, and stomach until they are on their knees, and one partner (usually female) lying on the floor with the other partner on their knees straddling her.

People of any age may take part in freak dancing, but it is most common among those between the ages of 12 and 35 years.

Many junior and senior high schools have outlawed freak dancing from school dances. Disobedient students are usually physically pushed apart or are removed from the dances by administrators or parent chaperones, which many believe is a violation of student rights.
"Damn, you seen that stacked bitch with the ghetto booty freak dancing wit J.C. in the club last night? Wonder if he took her home...."

"Me and Michelle freak so dirty we gonna get kicked outta prom tonight by those mothafuckin chaperones again."

"Next time that trashy slut try to come freakin up on my man, I am gonna fuck her up!"
by Traffic Jam Booty March 13, 2009

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