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1. A form of punishment for a number of crimes not limited to but including douchebaggery, betrayal, or even buddy punching at the wrong time.

2. An assault on someones dick while fighting, usually it is attcked while trying to get a hold on someone.

3. Something to do to someone when you want to do something horrible but not to mean.

The victims of a dick grab usually dont know what to after the attack, they contemplate on buying the attacker dinner, taking a shower, or maby even commiting a dick grab themselves.
Michael: Dude Robbie just grabed my dick while we were fighting!
Chip: Sounds like you just got dick grabbed.
Robbie: Come here ill do it again you little bitch!
#dick #grab #sexaul assault #attack #assualt
by Tr!pp October 08, 2009
A person who looks like rambo whooping ass at any kind of sport, espically baseball.
man 1: Oh shit they have a sports rambo on their team!
man 2: Oh Fuck!

man 1: from other team: Ha ha bitches!
sports rambo: *Wins the game and kills the other players*
#rambo #baseball #team #sport #badass #bitches #sports
by Tr!pp October 05, 2009
People who look or are related to rambo aging 1-6. These kind of rambos are usually extremely ugly. When a "little rambo" gets older they start to resemble the much better looking "Rambo"
stoner kid 1: Dude, is that a bunch of mini rambos?
stoner kid 2: Nah man its a bunch oflittle rambos, noice the exteme uglyness.
stoner kid 1: oh eww. i see.
#badass #rambo #sports rambo #kids #ugly
by tr!pp October 05, 2009
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