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An idea or concept that fuels nightmares or otherwise causes extreme emotional distress. Attributed to James Lileks (www.lileks.com).
Goatse, Lemonparty and Tubgirl are pure Nightmare Fuel.

by Toytown Traveler December 11, 2006
Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.
Singapore is the Asian base of the Unholy Trinity.
by Toytown Traveler November 21, 2006
/oh-see-aych/ n., The Old China Hand, a bar located at 104 Lockhart Road, Wanchai Hong Kong. It is one of Hong Kong's enduring constants, offering 24-hour booze, a plentiful selection of professional and - on weekends - amateur talent and a halfway decent jukebox. Patronised by primarily by expats from the Anglosphere.
Bloke: It's Sunday, I want to get pissed and hit on something.
Other Bloke: O.C.H.!
by Toytown Traveler November 23, 2006
The Asian base of the Unholy Trinity: sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.
Forget Jakarta, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Don't waste your time with Blok M, Stadium, Patpong or Wanchai. Singapore is the Party Capital of Asia. Singapore rocks.
by Toytown Traveler November 21, 2006

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