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Related to the musician Rockwell (Kennedy William Gordy) who sang the popular song "Somebody's Watching Me". This term defines the action of someone watching/following a person without their permission, aka stalking. Rockwell can have the suffix -ed or -ing added in certain situations.

Alternate meaning can signify being tricked or fooled by your friend(s), etc.
I met this ugly chick last night at the bar, and she's been Rockwelling me ever since.

Damn son! If you like her that much, just pull a Rockwell.

You just got Rockwelled bitch!
by Toyin Oluwole December 12, 2007
One's woman on the side, whom lacks significance and/or priority.

Also, it can signify an unimportant person, whether male or female.
Don't worry about Tanisha. She ain't nothing but my step-bitch.
by Toyin Oluwole December 12, 2007

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