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a person who is a loser and as nothin better to do than hang round their town felling "hard" smoking butts they have found on the floor. if you look at them you will recieve a "wan a fight or sumin" should not exist, waste of space
cheap tracksuit ususally from turkey or sumwere abroad obviously fake. no hopers will be tramps when older
by townie hater October 21, 2003
slang for 'club', and can be used for words such as 'clurbpizza' and 'clurb sandwich'.
Townie: Hey yo ma, yo pickin' a fight, innit?
You: Clurb?
by townie hater March 23, 2005
a grunger is a kool person, who listens to good music and wears clothes clothes that arent 4 sizes too small.Townies however wear clothes that have gay logos on them sayin princess or cute, even though i have never heard of a princess who smokes like a chimey, and says 'arigh' or 'innit'. Grungers dont need to impress people, and are all individuals, unlike townies who look like clones of each other, grungers arent tramps or dirty just because their clothes arent pink or blue. point made.
townie 1: arigh'
townie: arigh'
by townie hater November 20, 2003
A townie is a cacka who thinks he/she is 'in' they say completely made-up words like
'mush', 'innit' and 'bruv'
they are often incredibly un-intelligent and wear fake burberry or cheap sports jackets and caps. They also tend to wear these caps at almost vertical angles on their heads.

Townies are also often completely deaf:
(a townie is walking along in his 'crew' and a group of skaters walk past)
Skater1:(shouts) Townie!!
Townie1: Wha' d'ya call me??
Skater2: He called you a townie duh
Townie2: Wha' d'ya call i'm?
by Townie Hater December 21, 2004
Young people aged 9-21 seen hanging round the local chippy because they think that they're 'hard'. Often seen wearing tacky 'gold' 'jewellery', fake 'Adidas' trousers tucked into their white socks, a fake Burberry cap pointed at such a ridiculous angle that when it comes to blocking the sun, there is actually no point in wearing it except to look like a total prat. Most townies swagger round in a stupidly exaggerated way, swaying from side to side and bobbing up and down more than is absolutely necessary, saying ‘Yeah, Ah’m cool, Ah’m cool, bling bling yeah innit’, etc, etc.
Their shoes are 'polished' until they're so blindingly bright, they look as if they're new and freshly stolen from 'JJL'.

Rules Of Life For Normal People

1. If you see a chav, kick him very hard in his non-existent balls.

2. If you want to find a townie, go to the nearest crappy sports shop.

3. All townies and chavs are right bastards.

4. Expressions that townies and chavs think are ‘cool’ are: Sound, safe, bling, bang out, innit mon, batty boy, rough, ratty, and any other phrases that don’t actually mean anything.

5. If you do hear something like ‘Bang out, innit mon, like’, go to the source of the sound, and kill wichever townie happens to be there, as all of these people are useless bastards with no actual purpose in life.

7. Most chav and townies if they see a fight or someone really insults another person, they will make a pointless sound that goes like ‘Oh oh ohh’.

8. If a chav or townie that is feeling particularly pointless or gay, they will come up to you, puff their pathetic little chest at you, and go ‘Yeah, yeah, come on then’, and they will then probably make up a false accusation such as: ‘Wot you say ‘bout ma mum?, or: ‘Did you call me a paedo?’. If this happens, hit them.

9. Chavs and townies also have this thing with whacking their first finger down onto the middle finger. They think this is really cool, but in actual fact, it is incredibly gay.

10. Chavs and Townies can also be distinguished by the way they walk. They walk in a ridiculously exaggerated way, and swaying from side to side and bobbing up and down more than is absolutely necessary, saying ‘Yeah, Ah’m cool, Ah’m cool’, etc, etc.

11. Chavs and Townies also think it is incredibly cool to boast about beating someone up to their so-called ‘mates’.

12. Chavs and Townies also have this peculiar habit of clapping when someone is insulted or ‘rinsed’.

13. They say ‘like’ every other word.

14. They think drugs, smoking and drinking are cool at an early age.

15. The word (well, not actually a word), ‘innit’ is used as a full stop. E.g. ‘Ah ‘ad yo ma last night, yeah, innit’!
Townie 1: Innit mon, yeah like, got some fuckin' 'eavy shit 'ere

Townie 2: Innit

Townie 1: Yeah like

Townie 2: Bling
by townie hater March 23, 2005
(see knob jockey or cunt) somebody from basingstoke hampshire u.k hangs around outside macdonalds and suffers from dickheaditis they usualy dont go to school and have 1 crack head parent they also whear cheap ass jackets that say the shittest and i mean SHIT logos i.e boston duffer and michagan half of these peopel thinking these are makes of cloths and not citties or sayings. they also thik eating posh pot noddles actually make them posh
man check out tht townie eating a posh noodle

oi blud fuck yall selves full im posh u bumboclut ass wipe fuck face
by townie hater March 21, 2005

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