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When a person is driving while listening to music, and rhythmically thumping on the steering wheel, as if playing the drums to the beat of the music. Most often observed at stop lights; also the person's lips are normally viewed attempting to sing or mouth the words to the song. On rare occasions, you may actually hear the person's voice and/or hear the 'thumps' of them drumming the steering wheel. On very rare occasions the person will close their eyes and raise their neck up to emphasis a high note, thus sitting at the stop light, even after the light turns green.
OMG, Robert, look at that girl sitting at the stop light singing and pounding away on her steering wheel; She's definately Drum Driving today! If she doesn't open her eyes soon, she's going to sit there through the green light!
by Towerguy Rob April 12, 2010
When people covertly (or not) text message someone in their immediate vicinity because they are lazy, strange, or don't want other people knowing what they're talking about. - Most often noticed occurring in restaurants after the clubs/bars close (like iHop, Denny's, Truck Stop, etc...)
I can't believe Robert is texting that girl sitting across the table from him, instead of just talking to her. But remember, he is the King of Table Texting.
by Towerguy Rob April 27, 2010
When you just can't wait until Friday to start your weekend partying, and end up getting "Thursdrunk". Normally involves calling in sick to work or school Friday morning, or at least going in with a 'slight' hangover.
Robert has had such a rough week that he's not going to be able to wait until the weekend to party, so I'm sure he'll be Thursdrunk tonight, and be calling in sick to work on Friday morning.
by Towerguy Rob April 08, 2010
Ok, so it's humpday and you've already had a stressful week, and need a little break. Several of the local drinking establishments have Wednesday night specials, so you decide to go out partying and end up getting hammered or better known as Wednesdrunk! Be careful, because if you are recovered by Thursday evening, you might also become thursdrunk, and you might get in trouble for calling in sick to school or work, two days in a row!
It's only Wednesday and Robert has had such a rough week that he's not going to be able to wait until the weekend to party, so I'm sure he'll be Wednesdrunk tonight, and have a hangover Thursday morning.
by Towerguy Rob April 09, 2010

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