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Disaster. Often involving a perfectly good pie being unintentionally discarded or rendered unconsumable. Can be used for other disasters also, in which the pie becomes a metaphor, or the pie prefix is substituded for the appropriate noun. Disaster may be small, medium or large.
A thousand curses on the man responsible for this pietastrophy, leaving me hungry in the late afternoon.

Looks like a bit of a pietastrophy down the front of her blouse there.

Fuck, one of my mam's has got burnt by the iron, what a pietastrophy.
by Touchof thedowns July 04, 2004
Over friendly woman, often with large mams, whose character is defined by 'interesting' choice of men, relationships (of which she has many) and friend's names. Great fun drunk.
"Oi Shazza, get out of your Skyline and look at Slappax pissing on the road again."
by Touchof thedowns July 04, 2004

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