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Similar to a leap of faith. A person uses a word when having heard it used once or being unsure of the actual meaning.

Can be very embarrassing when someone else points out the actual meaning of the word.
Guy1: Did you hear? Bob's got a walk in closet.
Guy2: I wish i had a walk in closet
Everyone: lol
Guy1: Her name's Sally. Nice quote of faith there gay.
by Toothpaste salad June 22, 2009
A rebel who refuses to move into the ever increasing gang culture
John: Why's has not became a chav.
Jim: He's a retrobate
by Toothpaste salad June 22, 2009
The master Swede of the URBAN DICTIONARY!

He deserves a mention for being on the forefront of new-word-o-ology.

Some say his real name is Ewan, but those people know too much.
Toothpaste Salad gave you words like publiquor handstand
by Toothpaste Salad January 22, 2009
An alright guy but is misuderstood.

Most people fall into the trap of believeing that after the character Dante from Devil May Cry all Dantes should be kick-ass cool. Unfortuantly it's a massive let down ifg they are not.
Still I have found them to be an average set of people.
I have a friend named Dante but he can't run up walls or turn into a demon. :(
by Toothpaste Salad January 22, 2009

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