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A fast food business, McDonalds is usually criticized and scrutinized by its customers that often rue their choice to eat there.

People often associate McDonalds with unhealthy, fat, bad, and more, yet they usually choose it as a good location for a regular meal, a birthday party and more every-day festivites, formal and casual.

People, who are of a empty stomach fail to resist to the simple 'delicacies' that this business provides, and they constantly complain about it but fail to confess their faults. I, myself naturally dislike McDonalds food, and while I say naturally, I mean I do not actually have any need of holding or controlling myself, as I aim animosity towards the food, a privilege of some kind, I hope you will agree. In my lifetime of eleven years, I have only went to McDonalds twice, and about those encounters I will not go into detail, although I will state that I was generally appalled by its cheap services. People gain 'fat' by eating fast food, a popular belief that shows itself correct and just, McDonalds is a clear example of this nimble, but not new belief, as many people that go there have to deal with the 'consequences of their actions' as they gain a few unhealthy pounds.
Jane: I guess I will be spending my afternoon meal at McDonalds.

Joe: *frowns and complains about the restaurant, criticizing it and insulting, inflicting a assault on it.

However, Joe now suffers from an empty stomach, and eventually agrees with Mary and gives her his consent, and they both spend the afternoon eating hamburgers and chewing on fries, drinking juice and eventually sweetening their tooth by savoring some sundaes.
by Tool of Clarity March 24, 2012

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