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A screamo/post-hardcore band from Orange County, California. The original lead singer, Anthony Green, left the band in early 2004 to pursue his new project Circa Survive in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Anthony was replaced by Cove. As of early fall 2004, Saosin has begun touring and working on their follow-up to the Translating The Name EP.
I love the band Saosin. The lyric "Don't say that I'm the one you want to lose" really gets to me.
by Too Clear October 02, 2004
The current project (as of early 2004) of former Saosin lead singer Anthony Green. Circa Survive is an emo-influenced indie band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
I love the song "Handshakes At Sunrise" by Circa Survive.
by Too Clear November 10, 2004
A post-hardcore/alternative band based in Philadelphia, PA. Contains former members of the bands Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer and This Day Forward.
I saw Marigold last night at the Hall, they were the best fucking band there hands down.
by Too Clear March 27, 2005
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