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The sexual act of using one's hands to stimulate or erect their partner's penis by using the stick fire-starter motion, commonly used in boy scouts.

"We were in the bathtub the other night and she totally did the boy scout on me!"

by Tonya and Steve February 12, 2008
Anal sex after the reciever has ingested laxatives. Works best after letting the laxatives take effect. After pulling out, you pretty much have a chili dog, but that definition is already taken with a whole new meaning, so this is now called the "Sloppy Joe".
"Tracy took several X-Lax tablets hours before Keith rammed her bunghole, so when he removed his penis, he noticed they had made a sloppy Joe"
by Tonya and Steve February 13, 2008
AKA : Butthole Tickler

A mustache commonly seen on Navy men, policemen, Freddie Mercury. The use of the mustache is aimed toward anal tickling during gay oral sex.
"I swear Mike's BT has gotten so out of control, he could tickle his own butthole"
by Tonya and Steve February 12, 2008
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