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5 definitions by Tony from the Lido

The unfortunate sound of a fart or burb that goes horribly wrong.
Greg's fart sounded as if he sharted, creatiing an embarassing orafice malfunction.
by Tony from the Lido October 07, 2011
Hanging testicle sac in heat
Wow...those balls are raging! It's dangling fury in my face.
by tony from the lido September 20, 2011
The act of simultaneously punching the taint during a male's ejaculation.
In order to heighten his orgasm, Tony's lover spunched him during a sexual romp.
by Tony from the Lido September 20, 2011
The large vein that travels the length of a cock. Instrumental in delivering blood from the central artery during erection.
My cock was so hard, my main vein was swollen with blood.

I saw my heart beat as the main vein of my cock pulsated with blood.
by Tony from the Lido September 21, 2011
The act of damaging your vertabrae while performing oral stimulation upon yourself.
Tony got stuck in the shape of a pretzel while peyton manning his cock. He had to seek medical attention for a herniated disc in his neck.
by tony from the lido September 26, 2011