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1. (n.) A potent type of marijuana. Can be found at UMass.
2. (v.) To ejaculate while drunk and high at the same time.
3. (n.,v.,adj.) Can be used as the universal noun, verb, and adjective for any word that you cannot think of. Everyone will automatically know what it means because of the magic of the katinka.
"Yo, I'm fuckin bored. You wanna get some Katinka?"

"Oahhhhhh, I'm gonna katinka!"

"Do you guys wanna go to... the uh.... the katinka?"
by Tony Tonster January 13, 2007
(v.) When a female is performing felatio for a male, and the male pulls out his penis right before he is about to ejaculate and then aims his penis in the female's ear, ejaculating in and around her inner ear.
My girlfriend went deaf after I decided to Shamu her.
by Tony Tonster June 04, 2006

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