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Screamo is a music that has been influenced by the emo scene. In my opinion, the best screamo band I know is Poison the Well, a new and lively band, which is a combo of hardcore screamo/metal. People who listen to screamo are usually a part of the "goth" or "emo" scene, along with others who just enjoy the earsplitting, unaudible words sung beautifully by the greatest voices.
Most screamo is loud, sharp and awesome. Screamo is a beautiful music that should be heard by everyone with taste. If you are new to the Screamo scene, check out some good screamo bands, like Poison the Well, Saetia et al and city of caterpillar (You'll definatly be able to find Poison the Well, not sure about the others).
And if you don't like it, don't bitch, don't comment, just go back to your vapid hippity-hop "music".
Screamo is loud and beatiful.
Hip-Hop is dumb and gay.
Country is weak and retarded.
Rock is good.
Rap just sucks.

You should be able to tell the difference.
by Tony Quinn September 03, 2006

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