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It wouldn’t be horrible to say lion share of the reviews on this game are extremely biased and opinionated, forsaking the fact and logic. “This game is very addictive!”, “Graphics don’t matter”.. These are all (wrong) opinions.

Like all MMORPG’s, RuneScape shares the most common characteristic of all of them; Numerical based stats, and the boring, time-consuming, and above all repetive acts of acheiving them. All MMORPG’s are basically an insult to a person’s intelligence; it’s always the same dull thing. No surprises, just buffing up your avatar/character.

Point, click. The only instances where one would use the keyboard would be chatting — Trust me, there isn’t much worth talking to.

What’s wrong, not in depth enough? The generality holds true for the entire game. God forbid someone tried to simplify the repetive actions in the game with a macro! This forsakes the TRUE users, who perform the mind-numbingly simple actions for hours on end, by hand! Those PERVERTS.

Point, click.

A pedophiles paradise; Not one runescape user has even a follicle of public hair.

On the message boards, one of the rules is not to mention competitive games (Blatant fucking bureaucracy).

“With other updates featuring clockwork toys, fairground grabbing claws and rocking chairs, we know you won’t be disappointed!”

Rocking chairs? Holy shit.. I mean, fuck World of Warcraft’, we got chairs that ROCK… That isn’t worth 5 dollars a month, in my book, especially in the year 2006.
"RuneScape is so addictive!"

"I'm an idiot because I use the word I in my runescape definition!"

"It consumed my life, It's runescape"
by Tony Eberly May 16, 2006

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