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It is actually the best beer in the world. Most beers need to be cold, export is far better nice and hot, to get the perfect temperature is simple: place block in boot of car, drive crew to location on a hot day, serve directly from boot. True perfection. One of the rare occasions where cheaper is better, export remains, at certain outlets, $1 a can by the block (stubbies are for poorcuuunts). It has many advantages over other beers:

#1 Refreshing taste

#2 Cheap

#3 You won't look like a posh wanker

#4 Available throughout this golden state

#5 Comes in blocks to share with a mate and the carton has a carry handle!

#6 Esky of ice is not needed

#7 Noone will steal your beer at a party

Good on ya cobbers down at the swan brewery you make me proud every day of every year.
"Hey gorgeous wanna root?"
"Yeah! Your a real man all these guys are obsessed with there imported beers but you just comit the emu export!"
by Tony Comitto December 25, 2007

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