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A person, usually part of a group, or a person who - more importantly - WANTS to be part of a group who defines there inner character by their outer appearence. Subsequently creating a paradox and consequent void in their personality.

Most scenesters model themselves on a certain stereotypical person from a certain window in popular culture for example 'Mods', 'Punks', 'Hardcore', 'Beatniks', 'New Ravers' etc. Most scenesters base themselves on band members from their selected type of music. Despite 'Indie Rockers' being the classical 'scenester' in Britain 'Mods' seem to be taking over.

The true problem of scenster behaviour is that it is throughly based in the superficial. Scenesters only hang around with equally scene people and rate ,compliment and base their friendships on how good (or mostly ridiculous) each other look. The weirder and more original the better. 'Original' here however refers to something you have seen on another and copied whilst avoiding others discovering what idea you stole.

A few popular 'Original' looks include:

* Blunt Fringes
* American Apparel Clothing
* Red lipstick on Women
* Skinny Jeans on Men
* Vintage Clothing worn simultaneously resulting in Time Warp appearence
* Woody Allen glasses
* Berets
* Charity shopping items
* Being Heroin Chic skinny

Some non Mod scensterisms

* Shiny Leggings
* Florescent T-shirts from the 80's
* Androgyny
* Fake Bling
* As many clashing patterns and colours as you can get away with.

Personally my favourite aspect of the scenester is the vocabulary which tends to be stunted and abbreviated beyond apprehension. A smart scenester will make their own code words so that they can be totally 'original'

Popular scenesterisms include

*The sex
*Uber ( + anything i.e. Ubercool, Uberhot, Uberfun )
* Le (the french word) before an English Noun.
* J'adore (again stolen from the french)
'Oh my god, did you get that from AA? It's Uberhot. I was going to get a scoop but I J'adore the high necks. I'm not a scenester though...'
'Your clothes are hurting my eyes.'

'He's so horrible, he touched my hand when I handed him le money'
'But hes only a cashier'

by Tonka Miller August 22, 2008

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